Wenzhou RICH Measure and Control Equipment Co.,Ltd is a high new technique enterprise that specialized in researching, developing and producing intellectual valve actuator. The company is located the Oriental Pearl Tower of China---Shanghai and Oujiang River—Wenzhou.

The production base occupies 40000 square meters, the construction area of workshop and comprehensive facility are totally over 20000 square meters. The company is rich in technique strength, with product research and development center. The company has obtained the national patent of invention, new type utility patent technology and national level new products such 13 results.

The company owns world leading imported processing equipment, the horizontal processing center from USA, Japan, Italy and Bulgaria; vertical processing center from Italy; SMT production line from Japan; dual-purpose processing center and high precision processing equipments from Germany.

The company always pursues the operation philosophy of “quality first, credit first and service first”, executes GB standard strictly and implements ISO9001 quality management system roundly. Since many years, the company service network throughout the country as to provide matching service for national big and small electric power plant. The company has established good cooperation with Daqing, Xinjiang, Liaohe, Dagang, Henan, Jiangsu oil field, Gas group and China Petrochemical Group such national big-scale enterprises.

Quality is the life of enterprise, providing excellent and high efficiency service to customer is the eternal subject, the technique innovation is the soul of enterprise and the development just what we are pursuing for.


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